What You’ll Sadly Never Forget

Currently Listening to: Era Extrana by Neon Indian Picture This… It’s an overcast day, could rain, but there’s enough sunlight seeping through the pattern of wispy, white clouds to say otherwise. You’re on the way back home from getting groceries at your local grocery store because you like to support our local businesses. You thinkContinue reading “What You’ll Sadly Never Forget”

Kill Your Heroes: Speaking to Society’s Gross Modern Perception of Death

Currently Listening to: The Greys by Frightened Rabbit How Could This Happen? (Intro) I write most of these entries while working the very early morning shift at my job and usually I’ll have something planned the night before, but today felt different. Call it writer’s block, call it lack of sleep, call it I haveContinue reading “Kill Your Heroes: Speaking to Society’s Gross Modern Perception of Death”

Memorable ‘Injuries’

By: Campbell Petschke Currently listening to: Holy Fire by Foals Crack-a-lackin Everyone has their own personal injuries and incidents. This could be broken bones, scrapes, infections, cuts, etc. As much as heartache may hurt your inside that is not what I am referring to this entry (I’ll give y’all a break this time). I’m talkingContinue reading “Memorable ‘Injuries’”

The Songs That Shaped Me: Raised By Wolves by Voxtrot

By: Campbell Petschke Currently Listening to: Headcase by Day Wave The Origin If you’ve known me for any period of time on a musical level, you most likely know that I am a ride or die Spotify user. I thoroughly enjoy how much detail goes into their special curated playlists and how much they giveContinue reading “The Songs That Shaped Me: Raised By Wolves by Voxtrot”

Celebrity Manipulation

Currently Listening to: La Di Da Di by Battles Intro to Extroverts Nowadays in the era of social media domination and the culmination of jobs that arise from the platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and most recently TikTok, celebrities and ‘influencers’ have been a mainstay and unstoppable force. These people use these platforms to notContinue reading “Celebrity Manipulation”

The Last Year of Summer Vacations

Currently Listening to: Dear Catastrophe Waitress by Belle and Sebastian The Ghost of Summers Past I’ve never been a huge fan of Sunday nights. In my eyes, the weekend’s true ending was Saturday night. Sunday was always a laid back day nevertheless. The most rigorous summer Sundays mainly consisted of either yard-work or maybe anContinue reading “The Last Year of Summer Vacations”

The Songs That Shaped Me: Dance Yrself Clean by LCD Soundsystem

This is the first entry in a series that captures what songs have shaped me into the person I am today. This could be contributed to my taste musically or just shaped me as personality wise. Where It All Began It was the first or second day of junior year in high school. I wasContinue reading “The Songs That Shaped Me: Dance Yrself Clean by LCD Soundsystem”

I Read a Book!

No this wasn’t written by a four-year old… Currently Listening to: Self-Titled by James Blake Quarantine has motivated me to pursue a number of things I felt I never had the time to do in everyday life prior. I started to work out regularly, I began to write again, started learning about spirituality, but myContinue reading “I Read a Book!”

Is There a Connection Between TikTok and ADHD?

In 2012, the world was bestowed a new way to make kids excited and adults groan. This time instead of hacky sacks or JUULs, it was an app that was taking the world by storm. This app was known as… Angry Birds Space. OH GOD NO!! Just kidding, it’s TikTok. Man, do I hate thisContinue reading “Is There a Connection Between TikTok and ADHD?”

MGMT Albums Ranked

MGMT (or Management as some weirdos call them) has been making a splash in the indie-pop world since the mid 2000’s with the popularity of tracks like Kids and Time to Pretend. Growing up I always resonated with the song Kids. I had made a friend in middle school purely out of both of usContinue reading “MGMT Albums Ranked”