The Desire to Do it All (Part One)

Currently Listening to: Haggarty by Covey “What Do You Want” – Ryan Gosling “Are you sure? There’s no way this is going to taste good.” Duh. This is what my mom said to me before trying bacon flavored soda. Admittedly I did regret drinking this later, which I don’t know what I was thinking beingContinue reading “The Desire to Do it All (Part One)”

Opposite ‘Karens’

Currently Listening to: Time Out by The Dave Brubeck Quartet The Year of the Karen 2020 has had three continuous topics of discussion: Coronavirus, voting, and Karens. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the new noun, a ‘Karen’ is defined by Urban Dictionary as a middle aged woman who makes solutions toContinue reading “Opposite ‘Karens’”

Teacher, is this Okay?

Currently Listening to: Confess by Twin Shadow This Happens… right? “I could barely hear you, but it sounded good!” Some kid told me this after I had performed a solo during choir in middle school. I was a pretty shy kid growing up and during my preteen years I probably could’ve been considered “the quietContinue reading “Teacher, is this Okay?”

Halloween Series: 5 Great and 5 Awful Horror Movies Part 2

Currently Listening to: Bloom by Beach House Happy Hell-o-ween! It has come to my attention that when I attempt to say the word ‘horror’ it comes out like I’m saying ‘whore’ instead. So for those curious, no, I was not watching a whore movie called The Babadook. Wonder if anyone truthfully thought I was talkingContinue reading “Halloween Series: 5 Great and 5 Awful Horror Movies Part 2”

Halloween Series: 5 Great and 5 Awful Horror Movies Part 1

Currently Listening to: Sincerely by Dude York Happy October! It is the beginning of my favorite time of year. The holy trinity of months. The final quarter of the year. The intro to Christmas. Nah, but Halloween is cool too. I always LIKED Halloween when I was a kid, but only loved it select fewContinue reading “Halloween Series: 5 Great and 5 Awful Horror Movies Part 1”

What You’ll Sadly Never Forget

Currently Listening to: Era Extrana by Neon Indian Picture This… It’s an overcast day, could rain, but there’s enough sunlight seeping through the pattern of wispy, white clouds to say otherwise. You’re on the way back home from getting groceries at your local grocery store because you like to support our local businesses. You thinkContinue reading “What You’ll Sadly Never Forget”

Kill Your Heroes: Speaking to Society’s Gross Modern Perception of Death

Currently Listening to: The Greys by Frightened Rabbit How Could This Happen? (Intro) I write most of these entries while working the very early morning shift at my job and usually I’ll have something planned the night before, but today felt different. Call it writer’s block, call it lack of sleep, call it I haveContinue reading “Kill Your Heroes: Speaking to Society’s Gross Modern Perception of Death”

Memorable ‘Injuries’

By: Campbell Petschke Currently listening to: Holy Fire by Foals Crack-a-lackin Everyone has their own personal injuries and incidents. This could be broken bones, scrapes, infections, cuts, etc. As much as heartache may hurt your inside that is not what I am referring to this entry (I’ll give y’all a break this time). I’m talkingContinue reading “Memorable ‘Injuries’”

The Songs That Shaped Me: Raised By Wolves by Voxtrot

By: Campbell Petschke Currently Listening to: Headcase by Day Wave The Origin If you’ve known me for any period of time on a musical level, you most likely know that I am a ride or die Spotify user. I thoroughly enjoy how much detail goes into their special curated playlists and how much they giveContinue reading “The Songs That Shaped Me: Raised By Wolves by Voxtrot”

Celebrity Manipulation

Currently Listening to: La Di Da Di by Battles Intro to Extroverts Nowadays in the era of social media domination and the culmination of jobs that arise from the platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and most recently TikTok, celebrities and ‘influencers’ have been a mainstay and unstoppable force. These people use these platforms to notContinue reading “Celebrity Manipulation”