The Absolute Best in Music 2022 (Top 40 Songs)

By: Campbell Petschke Currently Listening to: Dirt Femme by Tove Lo Going Through the (Emo)tions I laid my intro pretty flat out in my Top 50 album blog so if you want to see my brief overview of my perception of 2022 in the year of music I’ll leave the link here. 2022 had aContinue reading “The Absolute Best in Music 2022 (Top 40 Songs)”

Taylor Swift Discography *RANKED*

By: Campbell Petschke Intro (Campbell’s Version) I never thought I’d be making a ranking on an artist that I’ve had such an up and down relationship with over the span of her career. Taylor Swift started making music when I was pretty young. I can’t say I really knew her until Fearless, but the songsContinue reading “Taylor Swift Discography *RANKED*”